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AC Fail Safe DAT Brake

Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Brake Type / Model DAT BRAKE
Torque range 0.20Kgm up to 25Kgm
Brake Model:

DAT-130, DAT-140, DAT-150, DAT-150X, DAT-190, DAT-190X, DAT-235, DAT-235X, DAT-290, DAT-290X, DAT-290XX, DAT-03, DAT-04, DAT-05, DAT-05X, DAT-19, DAT-19X, DAT-23, DAT023X, DAT-29, DAT-29X, DAT-31X, DAT-32X, DMT-15, DMT-20, DMT-30, DMT-45, DAT-50X, DAT-75X, DAT-100X, DAT-150H, DAT-150XH.

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Brake Application: Electric wire rope Hoists, EOT Cranes, Brake Motors, Material Handling and Lifting Equipment, Cross travel and Long travel: EOT / Gantry / Goliath / Derrick Cranes, Lifts and Elevators, Cross travel and Long travel: EOT / Gantry / Goliath / Derrick Cranes, Winches and Conveyors, Machine Tools, Wire drawing machines, Rubber mixing mills, Rolling mills, Sugar, Mining, Cement, Textile industries and many other applications.

Spring loaded failsafe hoist brakes, PETHE, AC operated, DAT model/type. These Failsafe spring loaded disc brakes is normally ON type and operates on AC supply. Foundation is not necessary as they are mounted directly on the non-driving end shaft of the motor. It consists of friction brake disc plate with liner on its both sides with square bore/hole at the centre. One corresponding piece of square hub is supplied with the brake. This hub is keyed to the motor shaft and liner plate is free on the hub. Normally, liner plate is gripped between two discs with the help of spring pressure. When current is supplied to the brake, one disc is attracted by electromagnet against spring pressure and the liner plate is released. Thus, the brake is OFF. Once the brake is set it does not require adjustment or maintenance. When the liner plate wears with the use, then only air gap is required to be maintained periodically. Arrangement to release the brake manually is also provided.

Note :

Brake Model DAT- 130, DAT- 140, DAT- 03 and DAT- 04 is available in 230 V single ph. or two phases; All other brakes are working on 415 V three phase.

  • DAT series brakes are supplied with plain square (driving) hub & without drill to mounting plate.
  • Bore & length of driving square hub should be machined as per requirement.
  • DAT series brakes are supplied with geared hub on request.
  • In Brake model/type DAT- 130, DAT-140, DAT-150, DAT-150X, DMT-15, DAT-03, DAT-04 , DAT-05 , DAT-05X brake shaft is not passing through brake.

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