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Fail Safe Electromagnetic DMT Brake

Product Details

POWERMECH offers AC Spring Loaded Fail Safe Brake Model / Type DMT

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Brake Type / Model Hub Type Torque in Kg-m Number of Coils
DMT-15 Square 0.70 kg-m 3
DMT-20 Square 2.70 kg-m 6
DMT-30 Square 4.10 kg-m 6
DMT-45 Square 6.00 kg-m 6
DMT-32X Square 11.00 kg-m 6
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  • Voltage: 415A.C
  • Phase: 3
  • Magnet / Armature Gap: 0.5mm
  • Square hub with finished bore and drilled mounting plate is included in supply of DMT series brake.
  • Spare brake coils, brake liner plate, Square hub, brake springs, E Stack plate, I Stack plate and other components are also supplied.
Additional Information:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Number

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