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Temporiti Electromagnetic Fail Safe Brake Type AC

Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Type / Model AC 1, AC 2, AC 3, AC 5, AC 6, AC 7, AC 8 and AC 8 and AC 8/D.
Torque range 4.5 Nm to 400 Nm
Brake Type Temporiti AC Fail Safe Brakes Type AC
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Temporiti srl Electromagnetic Spring Applied Fail Safe Brake Model AC POWERMECH offers AC operated electromagnetic spring applied failsafe brakes with Italian collaboration and design of Temporiti srl. These are normally ON type, ie, the brakes are always ON and applied. When an AC voltage is applied, the brake releases, thus allowing the shaft on which they mounted to rotate. In case of no voltage, the brake is applied immediately and the rotating shaft on which the brake mounted is held immediately. This also forms a safety mechanism in which the load is stopped from being moved in case of no power. There is no restriction on ‘On time duration’ and also on number of operations per minute.

General applications are in brake motors, cranes, hoists, material handling equipments, CNC Machines, packing, textiles, and in other machines & varied applications. Temporiti AC fail safe brakes can be used for both LT/CT drives as well as for hoisting applications.

These brakes are also being used for INDEF Chain hoists. 'Temporiti' AC Series 3 Phase AC fail safe brakes are supplied in Type / Models AC 1, AC 2, AC 3, AC 5, AC 6, AC 7, AC 8 and AC 8 and AC 8/D.

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