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AC Disc Brake Model EME

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Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Brand EME

POWERMECH offers Model “EME” Spring Loaded Electromagnetic AC Disc Brake Fail SafeType.These Brakes are supplied in Models such as EME 85, EME 100, EME 115, EME 115X, EME 145, EME 145X, EME 145FE, EME 165, EME 165X, EME 200, EME 200X and 200XX.

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No foundation is required as these brakes are directly mounted on motor. Integrated with iron plates and liners, brake disc having square hole in the centre, the brake is further keyed to the motor shaft while the liner disc is free on square shaft. The brake liner disc of these brakes is gripped between two plates having spring pressure. The AC Disc Brake is equipped with pressure plates that are attracted by electromagnets against spring pressure when current is supplied to these brake discs. In this way, the liner disc is released off the brake. The AC Disc Brake is supplied in 220/415 or any other desired voltage.

Applications: Material Handling Equipment, Lifting Equipment, Machine Tools, Hoist, Winches, Lifts, Elevators, Brake Motors

Spring Loaded Electromagnetic Disc Brake Fail Safe Type EME

Brake Model Brake Torque
EME 85 33 Kg-M
EME 100 0.6 Kg-M
EME 115 1.1 Kg-M
EME 115X 2.0 Kg-M
EME 145 4.0 Kg-M
EME 145X 6.0 Kg-M
EME 145XX 2.5 Kg-M
EME 145FE 4.1 Kg-M
EME 165 4.1 Kg-M
EME 165X 11.0 Kg-M
EME 200 6.0 Kg-M
EME 200X 11.0 Kg-M
EME 200XX 16.0 Kg-M