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CHPL Swift Hoist Brake

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Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Suitable for CHPL SWIFT Hoist / Consolidated Hoist Brake
Brake type AC Solenoid Operated Electromagnetic Brake & DC operated Electromagnetic Disc Type Brake
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POWERMECH supply AC Solenoid Operated Electromagnetic Brake type suitable for CHPL SWIFT Hoist / SWIFT Hoist Brake / Consolidated Hoist Brake suitable for Hoist Model: 052, E104, 102, E204, 202, E304, 302, E504, 502, E604, E7504, E1004, 2E1506.

  • Brake to suit drum diameter: 4 inches (100mm), 5.5 inches (140mm) & 7 inches (180mm).
  • Brake coil (Continuous or Intermittent) class ‘F’ Insulation.
  • The Standard coils are 110, 220 & 415VAC, 50 Hz.
  • Spare brake coil and with plunger, brake shoe with lining are also supplied on request.
  • Brake drum or brake drum with coupling is supplied as an accessory to the brake.

Model Watts at 110 VDC
DCCH-13 / SLDC 130 45
DCCH-15 / SLDC 150 45
DCCH-17 / SLDC 170 75
DCCH-19 / SLDC 190 65
DCCH-23 / SLDC 230 50
  • Standard Voltage is 110 VDC. Other voltage 24VDC, 42VDC etc is supplied on request.
  • Brake Model DCCH-13, DCCH-15, DCCH-17, and DCCH-19 are supplied without mounting hole.
  • Brake Mounting plate for Model DCCH-23 is drilled to suit CHPL Hoist Motor Frame.
  • Spare Brake disc with liner, Gear hub and Magnet body can be supplied on request.

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