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Master Controller

Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Type Semi-Automatic
Digit Display Size Single Display
Brand Powermech
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Master controller Sheet Steel Enclosure
Master controller is housed in enclosed cover & provided with an easily removable cover with ample area for maintenance. The cam shaft is mounted on bearing bushes on walls of housing. The cams are made of delrin material and fixed on a square spindle switch moved by a handle. The cams are cut corresponding to the switching program.

Application: Hoist Grab, Mill Duty, E.O.T. Cranes & Rolling mill drives.

Technical Data:

Master Controller Standard
Enclosure Sheet Metal
No. of Contacts 6/ 11/ 13
Rating of Contacts 10 Amps / 40 Amps
Number of Steps 4 or 5
Type of Enclosure IP-41
Option Spring return type / dead man’s handle arrangement