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Crane Hook Safety Latch

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Number
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for 500kg, 1ton 2ton 3ton, 5ton, 7ton, 8ton, 10ton, 12.5ton, 15ton, 20ton, 25ton, 30ton, 50ton, 100ton, 125ton, 150ton, 175ton, 200ton, 300ton and higher capacity.

Crane hook safety latch is also supplied with clamp for hook on which there is no provision to fix safety latch. Crane hook safety latch with clamp can be also be used in order to avoid welding on crane hook.

New Crane hook with nut and safety latch is also supplied for replacement for all capacity of cranes. Crane hook Safety latch is supplied to suit all make of EOT Cranes, Gantry Cranes and other type of overhead cranes.

Crane hook Safety latch is also supplied as per customer’s requirement in various sizes to suit for existing crane hook.

Customers can send the existing crane hook photo images on mobile 9940429288 or by email with crane capacity, safety latch length to get our quotation.