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Thruster Brake

Product Details
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number
Usage/Application Eot Crane
Drum Diameter Up to 600 mm drum diameter
Suitable For Brake Drum Diameter 100,150,160,200,250,300,400,500 and 600 mm
Model MDT 100-18,MDT 150-18,MDT 160-18,MDT 200-18,MDT 250-18,MDT 300-18
Application EOT Crane,Overhead Crane,Gantry Crane,Moving machinery and Electric hoists.
Supply AC Supply,400 / 440 Volts,3 Phase,50 C/s
Braking torque 6 Kg-m to 580 Kg-m
Brake lining Self Adjusting lining wear mechanism
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Body: Cast Iron, Mill Duty type (MDT)
Electro Hydraulic Thruster Brake is used to retard the speed of moving machinery and to stop it accurately to the desired position. The breaking force is applied to the brake shoes by a pre—stressed compression spring.
The brake shoes press on the rotating brake drum retarding its speed, and finally stopping it. Other release devices like pneumatic / hydraulic cylinder or manual release arrangements can be offered on request.

Thruster brake Brake Model Drum Diameter (mm) Thruster Capacity (Kgs.) Thruster Stroke (mm) Braking Torque(Kg-m)
MDT 100-18 100 mm 18 kgs 51 mm 6 kg-m
MDT 150-18 150 mm 18 kgs 51 mm 9 kg-m
MDT 160-18 160 mm 18 kgs 51 mm 9 kg-m
MDT 200-18 200 mm 18 kgs 51 mm 20 kg-m
MDT 250-18 250 mm 18 kgs 51 mm 35 kg-m
MDT 300-18 300 mm 18 kgs 51 mm 42 kg-m

Other details:
Base / Arms: Rigid welded construction with accessible fixing
Shoes Self-aligning, easily removable high grade cast iron fitted with best quality fabric linings
Tie Rod I Guide Rode Large Section securely fixed in a lug
The tie rod transmits the spring force on the shoes by a simple lever system.
Springs Compression springs are vertically mounted through the guide rods and are held securely between guide plates
One or more springs are used depending upon the brake size and thruster capacity to obtain the desired braking torque.
NOTE: Price shall vary for each model / type, specifications and other terms. Please mail us to get quotation for the required product.

    Additional Information:
  • Delivery Time: Immediate up to 250 mm drum diameter

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