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Crane Brake Shoe

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Minimum Order Quantity 1 set

Brake shoe with lining is supplied for all type of EOT Crane Brakes and Industrial brakes such as Thruster brakes, Electromagnetic Shoe type brakes and Electromagnetic Drum brakes.

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Brake shoe is generally supplied in Cast Iron body. On request, the same is supplied in Aluminium Die Cast.

Brakes shoe with lining is supplied to suit as per drum diameter/models of brakes for Thruster brakes, Electromagnetic shoe type brakes, Drum brakes and Solenoid operated brakes used in Cranes and Hoists.

Brake shoe shaft / Brake Pin is also supplied on request.

Brake lining (metallic impregnated) asbestos based and Non-asbestos based brake lining in required is also supplied.

Brake shoe with lining is supplied to suit various make of cranes such as Avon hoist, Amsak cranes, Ankit Cranes, Apex cranes, Armsel Cranes, Asian Cranes, Atlas cranes, Brady & Morris hoist, CHPL crane, INDEF, Intelle cranes, Electromech cranes, Esquare cranes, Grip cranes, Garlick Cranes Jaico hoists, Krans Cranes, Magna cranes, Reva Cranes, Rope master hoist, Sigma hoist, Sun cranes, SL cranes, Shrushti Cranes, Sri Pranav cranes, Saico Cranes, Shrusti, Sriram Engineers, SWIFT crane, TAK hoist / cranes, Viralishanmuga cranes, Unitech. Also, Brake shoes are supplied for various make brakes such as Speed-O-Controls, Speed-N-Systems, Strom kraft, Electromag, Pethe and for other brakes.