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Thruster 18kg ST 520

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Electro Hydraulic Thruster 18kg Type ST 520
Electro hydraulic thruster is a device which develops linear thrust (force) required to operate the desired mechanism. The Thrusters are widely used to actuate thruster shoe drum brakes, commonly used in EOT cranes, Gantry cranes, Overhead cranes, hoists and material handling equipments.

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Thrusters are available in various models / type ST 520, ST 535, ST 545, ST 870, ST 8110, etc. Thrustor capacity ranging from 18kg, 34kg, 46kg, up to 295kg.

Thruster is supplied in Aluminium die cast body or Cast Iron body, as required.

Thrustors of various make such as Speed-O-Controls, Speed-N-Systems, Strom kraft, Electromag are supplied. Also, thrusters are supplied to suit various make of cranes such as Sun cranes, K2 cranes, WMI cranes, INDEF, Amsak cranes, Viralishanmuga cranes, Apex cranes, Intelle cranes, Sri Pranav cranes, Unitech, Magna cranes, Electromech cranes, NE cranes, Atlas cranes, Grip cranes, Krans Cranes, Esquare cranes, SL cranes, etc.

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