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AC Solenoid BCH Brake Coil

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Minimum Order Quantity 1 Number

Powermech offers Brake coils for Bhartia Culter HammerBCH AC operated Solenoid Brake used in for Cranes, Hoists, Machinery, Mining machineries, Marine, Machine tools, Earthmoving and wet and dry applications.

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Brake coil suitable for AC Solenoid Brake Assembly

Brake coil colour Brake Coil DUTY Brake type Suitable for Brake drum diameter in mm Suitable for Brake drum diameter in inch Cat. No
Red Continuous S-42 100mm 4 inch SP50MC01
Dark brown Continuous S-51 140mm 5.5 inch SP50MC21
Black Intermittent S-52 140mm 5.5 inch SP50MC22
Dark brown Continuous S-71 180mm 7 inch SP50MC21
Black Intermittent S-72 180mm 7 inch SP50MC22
Continuous S-250 250mm 10 inch SP50MCE31
Intermittent S-250 250mm 10 inch On request

AC Solenoid (Brake coil Assembly with Plunger) suitable for AC Solenoid Brake Assembly

Pull 1.25 kg Type SLB- Suitable for drum diameter 100 mm or 4inch Stroke length 25.0mm
Pull 6.75 kg Type SLD- Suitable for drum diameter 140mm or 5inch and 180mm or 7inch Stroke length 31.4mm
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