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DAT Disc Brake Coil

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Minimum Order Quantity 9 Numbers

Powermech offers Original Pethe Brake coils for Model DAT / DMT series for Electromagnetic Brakes, AC operated DAT Brakes, Spring Loaded Fail-Safe Disc Brakes used in for Hoists and Cranes.

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Genuine Pethe Brake coils suitable for Brake Model DAT-130, DAT-140, DAT-150, DAT-150X, DAT-190, DAT-190X, DAT-235, DAT-235X, DAT-290, DAT-290X, DAT-290XX, DAT-03, DAT-04, DAT-05, DAT-05X, DAT-19, DAT-19X, DAT-23, DAT023X, DAT-29, DAT-29X, DAT-31X, DAT-32X, DMT-15, DMT-20, DMT-30, DMT-45, DAT-50X, DAT-75X, DAT-100X, DAT-150H, DAT-150XH.

Brake coil Application: Brake Motors in Electric wire rope Hoists, EOT Cranes, Brake Motors, Material Handling and Lifting Equipment, Cross travel and Long travel: EOT / Gantry / Goliath / Derrick Cranes, Lifts and Elevators, Cross travel and Long travel: EOT / Gantry / Goliath / Derrick Cranes, Winches and Conveyors, Machine Tools, Wire drawing machines, Rubber mixing mills, Rolling mills, Sugar, Mining, Cement, Textile industries, lifting mechanism of sluice-gate on water dam, Machines, Escalator, tower cranes and many other applications.

Brake coils for Hoist Brake Motors of Avon hoist, Amsak cranes, Ankit Cranes, Apex cranes, Armsel Cranes, Asian Cranes, Atlas cranes, Brady & Morris hoist, INDEF, Intelle cranes, Electromech cranes, Esquare cranes, Grip cranes, Garlick Cranes Jaico hoists, Krans Cranes, Magna cranes, Reva Cranes, Rope master hoist, Sigma hoist, Sun cranes, SL cranes, Shrushti Cranes, Saico Cranes, Shrusti, TAK hoist / cranes, Transpade Cranes, Unitech and many other Cranes and Hoists.